Join The Fight

Because war never changes, regardless of era

Meet our factions

In the beginning we were one. United by both body and soul, balanced by will. It wasn't long before our minds broke free, from what we originally thought to be our future, chaos and failure.

Sleeping Knights survived at the expense of internal balance,

thus SereGamers and SereAxis were born.

Walking down to each their own path, uncertain of what the future may hold, both factions now begin to work on achieving their own will, hoping to restore balance to the guild.

Answer the call

It takes many to recover. A lot was invested, a lot was sacrificed.

You may not be the strongest hero on earth. You may not be the most dependant person to place our hope in. You may not be wealthiest of all.

But we still need you. Everyone has their own will to achieve. Everyone has their own way to fight. All we can do to help is give you these:

  • Access to member-only Discord channels
  • Special rank on certain platforms*
  • Faction's Discord role*
  • More perks in the future

* when applicable

Fight for who you are, not what you have.

Faction Background

However tough the warfare may be, the two factions stand their own ground. To each their own strength, and their own weakness.


Born from the burning pride of revenge, courage and determination, SereGamers walk a fine path between freedom and danger.

Without them, Sleeping Knights would never be able to move forward.


Natural progression is simply the best way to attain balance. SereAxis believes that knowledge, harmony and strategic advantage is key to achieving their own will.

Without them, Sleeping Knights would descend into chaos.

Together they create balance

Each faction has their own will, traits, and path.

Fight your own way, your choice will decide whether you'll help us, or betray us.

Your first move

Your journey begins here.

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We're not perfect. Sometimes mistakes are made, or you know there's just simply a better way for us to do things. Whatever the case may be, this section is here for you.